The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The story starts in the past.It starts by taking place in regions of Andalusia, Spain.In the Spanish town of Tarifa, in Tangier, North Africa, and the Sahara Desert.


Author: Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist

Travel Date: Summer 2014

Main Events

Project by: Samantha Austin



Do you like the book?

The major conflict of the story is the protagonist's, Santiago, indesicion. He doesn't know whether or not he should find his Personal Legend that will lead him to treasure at the Pyramids of Egypt or if he should just stay the way he is with the treasures he has already found so far in his life.

I think that the story tells you that it's not just the treasure you find at the end of the road, it's also the journey it takes to get there. It is also everything you find on the way. To follow your heart and your dreams to make your own path. As well as finding a treasure with your own person legend.

Yes. I enjoyed reading it a lot. It had a lot of interesting points.

~The Protagonist is Santiago.~The Alchemist who is supposedly 200 years old.~The Crystal Merchant~Melchizedek~The Englisman, who is an aspiring Alchemist.~Fatima


Some of the main events are~When the Gypsy interprets Santiago's dream and encourages him to go to Egypt.~When Santiago finds work with the crystal merchant and realizes that he could see signs of Melchizedek's presence, just like he said.~Santiago falls in love with Fatima on the way to Al-fayoum, but decides to leave her to continue his quest.~Santiago terrifies the Arab soldiers that attempt to capture him and the Alchemist.~He sees the real power of alchemy with the Philosopher's Stone when the alchemist turns led into gold.~Santiago realizes that his treasure was under the Sycamore tree from the old chapel at the beggining all along and he happily returns to Fatima with his dream treasure.

The themes of the story are the wonder of Personal Legends, the Unity of Nature, and also the danger and fear of your own fears. Dreams and Omens are a big part of the story as well.Some of the symbols are Santiago's sheep, alchemy, and the desert.



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