The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist

By Malcolm Lee Purefoy

Setting*The Spanish town of Tarifa*The City of Tangier in North Africa*The Sahara Desert *The Oasis *The Pyramids

5.Santiago received an omen from the two hawks and saved the oasis from an invasion. The alchemist got the word and invited Santiago on a trip into the desert.

1. A recurring dream to seek a treasure leads this young and adventurous sheperd named Santiago to the gypsy lady for clarification and interpretation.

2.He then met an old man name King Melchizedek who echoed the same advice to him as the gypsy which was to journey to the pyramids. He sold his flock and took off on his journey which took him first to Tangier.

4. He then cashed in his earnings and continued to pursue along his journey which took him to Al-fayou where he met Fatima and fell in love.

Characters & Major Events

3. After being in Tangier for a while, Santiago found work with a local crystal merchant.

5. Leaving Fatima behind, hisHis pursuit led him to a cara

6. He taught him the importance of listining to his heart and pursuing his personal legend,leaving Fatima behind

7. After many struggles, Santiago reached the pyramids and was told by one of his abusers where his treasure was.

8.Santiago found his treasure under the roots of the sycamore tree in the abandoned church, where his dream began.

Conflicts And Themes

ConflictThe most significant conflict was between Santiago choosing to pursue his personal legend without knowing what was ahead for him and the relationships he had (i,e his father) including the ones he made along the way, (i,e Fatima). Each helped guide him along his journey from his dreams to discover more about himself and life.

Themes1. Dreams -Where it began with Santiago, the initial goal or desire to pursue a legend.2. Man vs Nature - Santiago had positive and negative experiences w/man along the way, but found that the universe also acted in his favor.3. Love -Fatima's love didn't get in the way of Santiago's pursuit.


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