[2014] Griffin Puc: the alchemist

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[2014] Griffin Puc: the alchemist


An Andalusian TownTangierPyramidsAl-Fayoum OasisTarifa


The conflict in the book is between what Santiago wants to do and completing his personal legend to travel to Egypt to find treasure.

Major Events

Santiago having the recurring dreamHim going to the gypsyMeeting the old KingMeets an EnglishmanTravels through the Sahara Desert Meets Fatima and wants to marry herEncounters the Alchemist and he teaches himTravels to the PyramidsTravels back to Andalusia to the old church


Personal Legends- In the Alchemist, personal legends means that once the person discovers theirs, they can live a good and satisfying life. There will be challenges you have to face to reach your personal legend. For example Santiago has obstacles in his journey such as love. There are some people that put off and don't discover their personal legends fail to experience wealth and benefits you get when youdiscover your personal legend.


Santiago- He is a shepherd boy, and is the main character. Santiago is from a small Andalusian town. His parents wanted him to become a priest, but he wanted to learn about the world and travel, so he became a shepherd.The Crystal Merchant- He takes the role of Santiagos friend while he is in Tangier. The Merchant is also someone who has given up on his personal legend. He owns a small crystal shop on the top of a hill. He takes Santiago in and he works with him for a year.Melchizedek- Santiago meets him in Tarifa, a Spanish town. He appears as an old man, so at first Santiago doesn't think much of him. He teaches Santiago about Personal Legends and the Soul of the World. He also gives Santiago Urim and Thurim, which are magical stones that represent “yes” and “no”.The Alchemist- The Alchemist is supposedly 200 years old and lives in the Al-Fayoum Oasis. He is a powerful and skilled alchemist. He acts as a teacher to Santiago and guides him on his journey. Because of his knowledge, he is connected to the Soul of the World, which gives him supernatural abilities. Fatima- A young girl that lives in the Al-Fayoum Oasis. Her and Santiago are in love, but she tells him to go find the treasure before they get married.



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