The Alamo

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The Alamo

4Texan leaders voted to declare independence from Mexico and form the Republic of Texas. Sam Hudson was chosen to lead the army. He led a surprise attack on San Jancito. They yelled, "Remember the Alamo!" as they defeated the Mexican troops.

2Many of the Mexican or Tejanos (Mexicans that lived in Texas) that lived in Texas also wanted to break away from Mexico. They disagreed with the laws made by the Mexican President. Texans and Tejanos rebeled against Mexico to win independence.

3In 1836, the Mexican President led an army to San Antonio to stop the rebellion. His goal was to capture the Alamo, an old mission that was used as a military fort. Fewer than 200 American Texans and Tejanos defended the fort. During the battle, most were killed.

1In 1821, the first settlers from the U.S., led by Stephen Austin, arrived in Texas in search of cheap land. Within ten years, there were more Americans than Mexicans in Texas.Mexico passed a law to stop settlers from moving to Texas, but they continued to come.They did not always obey the Mexican laws. (brought slaves with them from U.S. even though it is illegal in Mexico.)These differences made the settlers want to break away from Mexico.

The Alamo and Texan Independence



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