The Alamo

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The Alamo

The Alamo By Allison Vega Capote & Greg Nardolillo

What is the Alamo? The Alamo was a Catholic mission in the early 1700s named Mission San Antonio de Valero. In 1793 the mission was abandoned.It was later renamed the Alamo. (which means cotton wood in spanish) and a few years later the Alamo became a Texas army base.

What happned during the Alamo? On February 23,1836 Mexican soldiers surrounded the Alamo which led to fighting and shooting between the Texans, and Mexicans. Sadly, 13 days later when the war was over a bunch of Mexican soldiers were dead, and also all 180-190 Texas soldiers were dead. The war ended on March 6,1836.

Why was the land important to Mexico and Texas?The land was important to Mexico because the more land Mexico had the more powerful they thought they were. They also didn’t want Texas to become a state.On the other hand,The land was important to Texas because since,Mexico owned Texas they had to follow Mexico’s laws and rules. They did not like this and this was the only land Texas had. They wanted it to themselves.

After the Alamo On April 21, 1836 Texas planned a surprise attack on Mexico. Texas’s entire army died during the war . On February 23, 1836, that ended on March 6, 1836. 13! Many wars last almost 4-5 years. Texas wanted this attack to be well planned so they could win their independence at last. During the surprise attack Texas fighters were yelling “Remember The Alamo”, they won and in1845 Texas became a state.




This is a photo of the Texans geting ready to shoot.

This is a paniting of the war

This is a photo of the Alamo.

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