The Age of Exploration

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Social Studies
Explorers and Discovers

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The Age of Exploration

"Before C0lumbus"(Native Americans)

"Under Hermajesty"(Europian Explorers)

Age of Exploration

"Labor" (African Slaves)

I am an Explorer,I’ve sailed thousands of miles in search of new lands.My voyages were paid for by her majesty herself.I attended the navigation school in Portugal.To sail around the world like Ferdinand Magellan did,Is my dream.When at sea my motivation is the three G’s.I’ve sailed around the tip of Africa to get to Asia.I long for the sea.I am an Explorer.

I am a Native American,We lived in peace, we looked out for one another, we were independent.But it all ended, when we saw a flag.Pass the reef with its bright colors flapping in the wind closer and closer it came.Frightened and unsure, with curious looks we stand tall.Then they cameThey brought diseases and deathThey say trade, food and supplies is all they want.We trusted themThen by their hands was death to my people.We fight for my land but the odds were in there favor.Outmatched and out powered, death was the only thing in sight.But we fight with all we got.Then… Bang! Is all I remembered.I am a Native American.

I am an African slave,In the 1500’s a time when men enslaved men.Gathered and taken, beaten and unfed.Sold to men with money.We were imported and exported.Put to work in hot and cold we worked.We traveled from place to place squeezed in a tight ship, filled with my brothers.Knowing not where we’ll be next, only suffering.But time came, the year 1870.A time of rejoice, a time of freedom.When our suffering, our hard work and our old lives was over.I am an African slave.

1:Christopher Columbus2:Prince Henry3:Vasco Da Gama4:Bartolomeu Dias5:Ferdanand Magellan


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