The Age of Dinosaurs

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Earth History

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The Age of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs were not alone in their dominance during the Mesozoic Era. Along with the dinosaurs were the pterasaurs, reptiles that evolved the ability to fly, and a variety of ocean dwelling reptiles lurking below the waves.

By the Jurassic Period dinosaurs had become if not the dominant lifeforms on the planet than one of them. This is where the largest and some of the most famous dinosaurs entered the scene.

The Age of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs and other ancient reptiles existed roughly 250 million years ago until what is known as the K-T event 65 million years ago. Since then they have been labeled as extinct.


Dinosaurs were not the first reptiles to evolve during this time period. Though examples like the Coelophysis did live in the early Triassic, it was also home to many other reptiles on land, in the air, and under the waves.

The world was changing. By the Cretaceous Period the Age of Dinosaurs was in its twilight. Birds had begun to replace pterasaurs as the dominant lifeforms in the sky. The plants themsevles had begun to evolve flowers and fruit, previously these had not existed. If all that wasn't enough a large object from outerspace was racing towards Earth. The options available to the dinosaurs-evolution or extinction.


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