The African Elephants

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The African Elephants

Miss Angelhow was able to ride and feed an African Elephant in Zambia

What Can You Do?-Ask Congress to crack down on wildlife trafficking-Spread the word about what is happening to African Elephants-Adopt an African Elephant

Why Do African Elephants Matter?-The presence of African elephants helps to maintain suitable habitats for many other species. -In central African forests, up to 30 percent of tree species may require elephants to help with dispersal and germination. -They play a pivotal role in shaping their habitat because of the enormous impact they have on factors ranging from fresh water to forest cover.

Why are African Elephants Endangered?-African Elephants are endangered because they are being poached for the ivory in their tusks.-African Elephants are also losing their land due to population growth.-Sometimes people even kill African Elephants because they are getting too close to their home and farm lands.

The African Elephant

African Elephant illegal tusks

Where can you find African Elephants?


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