The Adventures of Ulysses

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The Adventures of Ulysses

For example in story it states on page 29 that "I was betrayed, said Ulysses. Betrayed by the sleep- the most cruel sleep of my life- and then a wicked, foolish, greedy crew who released the winds from the sack."

The Adventures of Ulysses

The theme of this is Betrayal becuase Ulysses men betrayed Ulysses. How the Betrayed Ulysses was that when Ulysses had the bag of wind they thought it was gold so they wanted the gold for them selves. Also what happen was that after that the bag went flying back to Aeolus. Ulysses said that he was betrayed and that he wanted another chance but Aeolus said no and Ulysses men were so close to get home but they are now far away from home.


Keeper of the Winds

Ulysses and his men where again at sea and they where frustrated that tey have to try and go back home again. Also what haooen was that Ulysses wanted another chance so he can go back home safely but Aeolus said that the gods hate Ulysses for being greedy. They have betrayed him by checking and opening the bag of winds and that was there way to go home but they lost it at the end.


What the quotes means was that the own crew he had betrayed him by releasing the winds from the bag. Ulysses said that sleep was the most cruel he had because they let go of the air that was in the sack and Aelous warned him to not happen but he just didnot listen.



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