[2015] Lin DeFillipo: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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[2015] Lin DeFillipo: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Run Down of the book:The Adventures of Tom Swayer is about a boy who tries to find some fun in his boring little town. First he gets the kids in his neighborhood to wight wash his fence, then he witnesses the murder of Dr. Robinson at the cemitary, Decides to run away with huck and Joe and lots of more crazy things like that.

Diffrences:The book and the movie are verry good but they each share there own amout of diffrences. For instance, In the book, Tom onl ylives with his aunt Polly but in the movie, He lives with his aunt polly and 2 cousins. Another example is when Tom and Beckey are in the cave, Injiun Joe chases them in the movie, But he dosn't in the book.

I would recomend this book to people who like old clasics that are semi realistic but still get you wrapped up in the book. Saddly, This is one of the few cases where i find the t the movie is more intresting than the book. Theirs nothing wrong witht the book, It seemed to make a bit more sence in the movie, Even if they did add a couple of things that didn't happen in the book.

Tom Sawyer:Tom is a little kid who is quite mischivious and is allways looking for a good laugh.Huckelberry Fin:Huck is an orphan who is allways with Tom, seaing as he is his best friend, and t go out on grand adventures together.Becky Thatcher:Beckey is a new gir who just mooved into the same town as Huck and Tom. She soon finds herself at Tom's side as time goes on.

By: Lin DeFillipoP. 2

The Adventures of Tom SawyerBy: Mark Twain

A clasical, yet very intresting book

“People will call me a low down Abolitionist and despise me for keeping mum—but that don’t make no difference. I ain’t agoing to tell, and I ain’t agoing back there anyways.”-Huckleberry FinnThis quote shows how both Huck and Tom have grown up in the book.


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