[2014] Megan Otte (8th Grade): The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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[2014] Megan Otte (8th Grade): The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Scene: The death of Injun Joe Book: In the book Injun Joe is found by Tom in the cave. The judge had locked the cave and Tom told him that Injun Joe was in the cave still. They all go back to the cave and find Injun Joe dead at the opening of the cave. Tom was glad because he had known how Injun Joe had suffered because Tom had also been in the cave without food. Movie: In the movie Injun Joe starts to chase Tom since he had told the truth in the courthouse. Tom ends up being trapped without a way to escape so Tom kicks Injun Joe which causes him to fall to his death. Effects: In the book they had a funeral for him because they found his body and they were sad. In the movie they didn't really know he was dead, the only ones who knew were Becky and Tom. Since they didn't know he was dead they didn't have a funeral for him.

Scene: Tom and Becky's engagement Book: In the book Tom gets in trouble for being late because he stopped to talk to Huck Finn and has to sit with the girls. Tom was drawing on a slate and Becky wanted him to teach her how to draw. They decide that when everyone goes home for lunch they will go back to school and Tom would show Becky how to draw. When they get back to the school Tom tells Becky he likes her by writing on his slate I LOVE YOU. Then they become engaged and they both say I love you to the other one. Tom makes Becky upset because he mentions Amy Lawrance and so Becky thinks he was engaged to Amy Lawrance and so Becky goes to the corner and cries saying that she never wants to see or talk to Tom ever again.Movie: In the movie they talk at Sunday school and Tom follows Becky to a dock on a lake and they start to talk. Eventually Tom says to Becky that they should become engaged. At first Becky is unsure an then decides to do it. Tom whispers to Becky I love you. Then Becky whispers it back to Tom. Tom then says "Well, me and Amy Lawrance-". After Tom says this he feels bad and Becky starts to cry saying "Oh Tom, I'm not the only girl you've been engaged with! I never want to talk to you or see you again!"Effect: Both the movie and the book had the same effect in the end. Becky was mad at Tom in both and didn't want to talk to him because he wasn't only engaged to her.


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