The Adventures of Tintin

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The Adventures of Tintin

SettingThe setting is outside at the temple of the sun, in a jungle, at there home town and in the sea. It also taakes place inside in the temple of the sun, in a jail, in a cave, and in a little castle Main Characters:- Tintin:Adventurose; Tintin travels all the way to the temple of the sun no matter what happens, he still keaps travelling. Fearless; Hetravels through mountains, ships, trains, jungles, caves and more dangerouse places but he stillgoes on the journey.- Captain Haddoc:Grumpy; He doesn't get on with mother nature so well because he gets water in his face by a llama, his pipe breaks 2 times both falling on the ground and has a high temper. Clumsy; He manages to trigger an avalanch and he has numerouse ruins with wild animals.-Zorrino:Friendly; He is very friendly because he shows Tintin the way to the temple of the sun. Thankfull; Tintin saves Zorino from 2 bullys and Zorrino was thankfull Because Tintin saved him.

ProblemProffeser calculus gets drugged and got tooken away by chiquito and brung to the temple of the sun.Main EventsOne; Tintin almoast saves calculus on the puchacamac [boat]. That time he found out he got drugged by Chicuito.Two; Tintin goes on a running train and the freight car was detatched and tintin, captain haddoc, and snowy [Tintin's dog] all jump into a lake below the dridge with the train tracks.Three; Tintin and his buddys go on a mountain with Incas attacking them wiyh weapons. [Incas: Helpers in the temple of the sun]Four; Snowy almoast gets tooken away by a condor but Tintin saves him. Tintin alwase looks out far snowy no matter what happens.Five; Tintin and his buddys get traped in a jungel with crocodiles and has to tightrope over a watterfallsix; Tintin and his buddys find a secret cave with old sculls and old mascs. it leads to... wait, I shouldn't reviel that. it's a surprise.

ConnectionsOne;When I wread about when Tintin, Captain Haddoc, Zorrino and snowy traveled on mountains, a jungle and places like that, me and my nonno went on a hike in a forest, greap vines, small paths, and more places. we both did simmaler things.two;when I wread about when 2 bullys kicket an orange basket in Zorrinos face, i made a text-to-wourld connection. On this show Jonny Test, Jonny and his dog Duky where in a prank war and they shuved a pie in someone elses face.

Recomendation:I give it 4 stars because there whas some action and it was an exalent book but there was a gun in it witch was a little violent.

Message:The message of this story is heroism because Tintin and his buddys went all that way from there home town to the temple of the sun juust to save a proffeser.


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