The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb

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The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb

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Mystery of the Month The Mysterious Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb

Case:In the summer of 1889, engineer Mr. Victor Hatherly was lying unconscious in the yard of a house on 16A Victoria Street. He was identified by a card in his right pocket. His left arm of his buisness coat was partly covered in blood. Blood was also indentified on the left hand. Hatherly's thumb seemed to be cut or pulled off from the root. It was replaced with a red spongey thing and by the look of his clothes, it seems to look like he fell from the third floor. His hand also being partly covered by a white hankerchief.

Sherlock Holmesin his armchairthinking.

Colonel Lysander Stark(Last known picture)

Published ByCarter Colletton11/18/14

AdvertisementNew house being rented on 16A Victoria Street for $800. Recently vacated. See house manager for details.

New job offering a guard for Colonel Lysander Stark in cell #723. Enlist at jail manager station.

Job offering 100 pounds per month for gardner. Take care of the exotic plants in the yard of 16A Victoria St. See house manager for details.

Mr. Hatherly asking Watson to attend to his thumb.

Enlist HereRecent engineer fired. 50 pounds per week, 4 pounds per hour. London Engineers.

New shop for sale on 17 King Edward St. One guinea per month. See Miss Else for more information.

BuckinghamSee the Queen! Come take a trip to the Buckingham Palace! 10 poundsfor tour and 50 pounds trip.

Sherlock HolmesSherlock Holmes is the crime solver in the crime of the month. He makes observations by looking how the person appears, logic, and focus. When Hatherly woke up, he went to Sherlock Holmes and told him his crime. Apperently, Colonel Lysander Stark was the prime suspect. Hatherly explained his story to Holmes and Watson.

EditorialDear Editor,Colonel Lysander Stark should face a life sentence penalty in jail. I feel this way because he did something murderous to Mr. Victor Hatherly.From 5th grader

Book ReveiwI liked that the chapter was long, but I disliked that Mr. Hatherly told Sherlock Holmes the answer to the mystery without Sherlock solving it himself first. I would recommend this book to my friends.

AdviceDear Victor,How to have a job without a thumb is hard. Something you can't be is an artist and a chef. Another thing you can't be is an author. Ask yourself "What is a job I can do without my thumb?" After you've found your answer, apply for it!From Columnist

Crime Solution:Colonel Lysander Stark hired Hatherly on purpose because he wanted to kill him and because he is a very murderous person. Stark lured Hatherly into a machine to kill him. Hatherly clamored "Colonel!" and "Colonel, let me out!" many times before he stopped. The only way he escaped was that the walls and door were made of wood. Hatherly busted through the wall and jumped out the window and grabbed the windowsill. Stark then came up to the windowsill with a sharp object. He waved the object before made a blow on Hatherly's thumb. Colonel Lysander Stark is directly responsible for cutting off Mr. Victor Hatherly's thumb.

Need Job?New opening for house builder. Build a house on 221b Baker St. for 90 pounds per month. See landlord for details.


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