The Aders' Duiker

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The Aders' Duiker

The picture above shows a male Aders' duiker. The Aders' duiker has been on the endangered species list for a long time, in 1984 the Aders' duiker was put as venerable, in 1996 it was moved up to endangered, and finally in 2008 it was moved up to critically endangered.

The Aders' Duiker

This map above shows the area of which the Aders' duiker lives. The red is where they are extinct and the Orange is where they live.

Enjoy this music from the nearby places of which that the Aders' duiker lives.

The only animals that eat the Aders' duiker have large numbers. The first animal happens to be the Suni antelope, who wants the Aders' Duiker's space. Do to that the Suni Antelope has big numbers and humans are taking away the forest and thickets, the Aders' duiker has nowhere to go. The next to animals don't want space but food, the African leopard love the meat of the Aders' duiker just like the Python does.

The Aders' duiker has been listed on the IUCN red list and is currently listed as critically endangered shown by the picture above. The closest the animal is to least concern the better. Starting from the left side EX is extinct, EW is extinct in the wild, CR is critically endangered, EN is endangered, VU is venerable, NT is near threatened, and finally, LC is least concern. The IUCN stands for international union for conservation of nature.


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