The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

by Pablo1999
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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Pablo Llaguno7B #14

Genre: AdventureIntended Audience: For people who love to know about people's life, who wants to know the relationship between "Indians" and "Whites, Leran about life in an Indian Reservation.Author's Purpose: Follow your dreams.Rating: 10

By Sherman Alexie

The story is the auto-biography of the author but in another character. The story takes place in Wellpinit in the Spokane Indian Reservation, in Washington, USA. 14 year old Arnold "Junior" was born with various medical problems and was bothered by everyone. His family was poor and one of the main problems of the story is that Indians cannot make their dreams come true. Since they cannot afford them or because their dreams fade through the years. Arnold liked to play basketball and to draw cartoons. His best friend Rowdy, is a big, strong bully. Arnold wanted to receive a better education so he decided to study in an all white school in the nearby town (out of the reservation) of Reardan; he was powered by hope. He makes new friends and fells in love with a pretty white girl. Over time he becomes accepted in Reardan; but in Wellpinit he is a traitor, since he left the tribe. It narrates al the adventures and the story of Arnold.

Text to Text: It reminded me of The Hunger Games Trilogy, specially of Gale. Gale always dreamed of a better place. It was his dream. It made him suffer a lot; but finnally with his help it was, accomplished always persisting. Like Gale, Arnold wanted something better for himself; he suffered but started to accomplish it little by little.Text to Self: It reminded me of a quote: "What if the cure for cancer is stuck in the mind of someone can't afford education?" Arnold's sister loved to wright but her dream started to fade. Probably because she did not had the best education and the support. Just as the quote she could have been someone really important but, she did not had all the resources to accomplish it.Text to World: All the women who wanted a better future just as Arnold. These women that fought for human rights and the right to vote, changed the "normal" procedures; by making something that no one had ever done. Arnold fought for a brighter future; no matter the consequences, just as them.

Book Review"Off the Rez"By Bruce BarcottThe New York TimesNovember 11, 2007This book review describes the book in some ways that I had not thought about. He said, various times some lines about poetry, which I did not thought that they were poetry. It is really true. How Sherman expresses himself in a metaphorical way or just in a poetic such as: “I think the world is a series of broken dams and floods, and my cartoons are tiny little lifeboats.” That is poetry. It is really interesting since I do not like poetry (that much), but the author wrote poetry in a very fun way and easy to understand. I did not know that poetry could be implemented into a humor book. The author of the article mentions: "I keep flipping back to re-read the best scenes and linger over Ellen Forney’s cartoons." Yes. You never get tired of re-reading parts of the book and seeing the awesome cartoons. The drawings are fabulous and get along greta with the story. Plus, they are extra humorous. You get a good laugh and a great picture of what the author wants to say. This review says that the book is fantastic, it also calls it a "gem of a book". It also gives you a great overview of the book. including quotes from it; which makes it easier to understand. The review is great and I think the same way as the author: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is a stupendous book.


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