[2015] Karan Patel: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

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[2015] Karan Patel: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

The inspirational story of a revolutionary Indian reservation boy struggling through poverty and attending an all-white school aspiring an abnormally oportunistic future among Native Indians.


Dear future Gr. 9's, Notetaking is an essential skill to utilize while reading a book. It enables you to easily remember whatever you have read even after long periods of shelfing the book. Also, it allows you to jot down key information about the three course questions while reading so that it makes it easier to look back for evidence after you have read the book. It also allows you to better understand the text through having to summarize and jot down main ideas. This extra thinking would help you to understand the significance of events that don't seem as important but actually are, as evident through further reading. Through this rough work, traits of certain characters become evident from reoccuring correlated events that help understand character progression and experiences. Lastly, themes and conflicts become evident and easy to establish and comprehend through reoccuring interrelated events.

- Read the text and imagine the event in the characters shoes- Imagine the event in your own shoes and see the differences in the two imaginations - Differences in experiences may be evident as or related to conflicts - After multiple visualizations, reoccuring conflicts will be evident as themes- By visualizing in the character's shoes, you can understand traits and issues in his/her life - Imagining helps to deepen understanding through looking at an event in multiple perspectives and in reality- Seemingly insignificant events can be visualized to prove a greater importance through the identification of symbols

How To Visualize


"Of course they had a big party! Of course they were drunk. Their Indians" (Alexie,205)!"


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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time IndianBy: Sherman Alexie

"And no matter how good I was, I would always be an Indian. And some folks just found it difficult to compare an Indian to a white guy" (Alexie,181).

"But we reservation Indians don't get to realize our dreams. We don't get those chances. Or choices. We're just poor. That's all we are" (Alexie,13).

Tips on Notetaking

"I was half Indian in one place and half white in the other" (Alexie,118).


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