The Aboriginese

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The Aboriginese

The Europeans beleived that there was land south of the equator. So, they sent captain James Cook and his men to sail to what is now known as australia.

As they developed more culture from the colonists, they became more like normal people. Eventually, most of the culture was gone, but it wasn't forgotten. There are still native groups formed to keep their spirit alive, kind of like the indians in America.

The Aboriginese

By: Patrick Edwards



The Europeans

How they were affected

Where are they now?


As more European prisoners and jailors came, they decided to let them have their own land there. So, the Aboriginal people retained some modern day British culture such as the English language and wearing clothes.

The Aborigines culture is very interesting and like no other. For food, they hunted kangaroos, birds, bats, and fish. They used boomerangs and spears to catch them!

The Aboriginal belief of creation is called Dreamtime. Dreamtime fortells how the universe was formed and how all the humans and animals were created by their "creator".



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