The aborigines

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The aborigines

The aborigines mostly ate plants, animals, fish and insects. Streams provided fish and eels. Many different types of birds were eaten, such as the waterfowl, scrubfowl, cassowary and Jabiro birds. Most australian lizrards were a delicacy. The aborigines also ate a weird fruit called the quandong. A quandong is a dry fruit that tastes very sweet and the pir is used as an instrument. A type of insect they liked to eat was the honey ants. Honey ants are ants that store honey in their abdomens. Speaking of honey, a type of honey they ate was wild honey. The aborigines would follow the bees to their hives (because they are quite sneaky), they would chop down the tree with the hive and take the hive with the honey, thus wild honey!Water ribbons was a very common plant the aborigines ate. A water ribbon is a plant found by water streams and rivers. The cooking styles of the aborigines were grinding, cooking, roasting, steaming, boiling, washing, pounding, draining, grating and tossing the food.

The Aborigines!



The aborigines mostly based their art on ancient stories. Paintings were used for teaching because they were good visual representations. Some types of painting include painting on bark, rocks/walls and bodies. Other types of art is wood carving and dot painting. Dot painting was used to hide secret information. The dot was a symbol. Religion takes a huge roll in art, it is a huge inspiration for many pieces.


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