The Aborigines Of Australia

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The Aborigines Of Australia

By: Emily Surcey

Basic Beliefs Dreamtime is at the center of the Aborigines belief system and describes the mystical time when the Aboriginal people made their world. It also explains the origins of the people and of the land. Dreamtime includes a story of how things have happened, how the universe came to be, how humans were created, and how the Creator intended for humans to function in this world.

Origin and Location The first Aborigines lived in Australia and have mainly lived there ever since. They survive on the natural resources grown in Australia.


The Aborigines of Australia


Arts and Traditions The indigenous people of Australia have a lot of traditions and arts that they practice. For example, their music always has a lesson or story in it. Their can be making music, painting, and possibly story-telling. An example of art is the didgeridoo. This instrument is very long.


European EncountersWhen the Aborigines met the Europeans, they thoguht it was unair of them to take their land. Some of the Europeans forced the indigenous off their land. So lets just say that their encounters were not pleasant.

How Ther Lives are Affected and Problems They Face In The Modern World Some of the Aborigines had to be moved off their land permantly, so no going back for the indigenous! They lost their homes, family, and food due to the Europeans. Now with the "modernizing" of the Europeans, families can be separarated. More of the Aborigines today have troubles with the tourists. Most of the Aborigines live in the Northern Territory.

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