The 7 years war

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The 7 years war

The 7 Years War

Name: Mariel Talabis Date: March 21, 2014

Battle of the Plains of Abraham

Expulsion of Acadia

The Treaty of Paris

Also known as the Battle of Quebec. It was a pivotal battle in the Seven Years' War that began on the 13th of September in 1759. It was faught between the British Army and Navy and the French Army on a Plateau just outside the walls of Quebec City.

The expulsion of Acadia was the forced removal of the Acadian people from the present day Canadian Maritime provices and also part of the US state of Maine during 1755-1764. The Expulsion occured during the 7 Years War and was part of the British military campaign against New France.The British first deported 13 colonies and after 1758 transported additional Acadians to France. In all approximately 11.5k Acadians were deported.

The Treaty of Paris ended the Seven Years' War between France, Britain and Spain and was signed on September 3rd 1783. This marked the beginning of an era of British dominance outside of Europe. The two nations gave back much of the territory that they had each captured during the war, but Britain gained much of France's possessions in North America.

Death of General Wolfe

The Royal Proclamation is a document that set out guidlines for European settlement of Aboriginal Territories in what is now North America. It was initially issued by King George III in 1763 to offically claim British Territory in North America, after they won the 7 years war. The Proclamation states that land would be considered Aboriginal land until ceded by treaty. It forbade settlers from claiming land from Aboriginal occupants, unless it has been first bought by the Crown then sold to settlers. Only the Crown can buy land from First Nations.

The Royal Proclamation

A pivotal battle of the 7 Years war (between the British and French) in 1758 that ended the French colonial era in Atlantic Canada. It ended in the loss of Quebec 1759 then the remainder French North America the following year.

Siege of Louisberg

The Royal Proclamation

British burning warship Prudent and capturing Bienfaisant

Signing of the preliminary Treaty of Paris

"A View of the Plundering and Burning of the City of Grimross" (1758)


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