The 7 Features of Living Beings

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The 7 Features of Living Beings

SummaryLiving being: any organism or a living form that possesses or shows the charecteristics of life or being alive- living being, in other words, is a living form that displays all the features or charecteristics attributed of a living being. An example of a living being would be you and me. We are humans, so therefore we are living beings. But what makes us human, and therefore a living being? That's where the 7 features of living beings come in. If we did not meet these 'conditions,' we would not be classified as a living being, and would be an inanimate object. So what are these features, I hear you ask? Well, read on and find out!

The 7 Features of Living Beings


1. MovementSome part of the the organism, plant, animal, person, etc, must be able to move.

2. RespirationThe energy inside the cells of the living thing must be able to be released through a chemical reaction.

3. SensitivityThe organism must be able to react to its environment, inanimate objects, and also other living forms.

4. GrowthAll living things must be able to grow

6. ExcretionThe living being must be able to pass waste from its body, one way or another.

5. ReproductionAll living things must be able to reproduce and pass genetic traits onto their offspring.

7. NutritionAll living beings must be able to eat nutrients, one way or another.



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