The 7 Characteristics of Life

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The 7 Characteristics of Life

2. Response to Stimuli

The 7 Characteristics of Life

In order to be living, an organism must have one or more cells and a structural organization of the body.

1. Organization and Cells

Stimuli are internal changes or changes to the external environment. Organisms must respond to said changes in order to survive. For example, eye dilations and shivering.

3. Homeostasis

All living things grow and develop not through accumulation, but cell divison. Cell division occurs in both asexual and sexual reproduction.

Homeostasis is the ability to maintain a stable internal environment even though external conditions are changing. For example, this wolf grows a winter coat during the colder months to retain body heat.

4. Metabolism

Chemical reactions turn energy from the environment into usable energy for life processes such as repair and movement.

5. Growth and Development

6. Reproduction

Reproduction is not essentual for the survival of an individual but for the survival of the species. Sexual reproduction combines hereditary information and asexual reproduction replicates itself.

7. Change Through Time

Change through time is evolution. Organisms must change over time in order to tolerate changing environmental conditions.

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