The 6 Types of Health

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The 6 Types of Health

The three main types of health are physical, emotional, and social. The physical type of health is what we most commonly think of, the state or condition of your body. You can improve it by eating healthy, going to check ups, and getting excercise. Emotional health is being able to express yourself in a positive and nondestructive way. You can do this by handling your feelings, thoughts, and actions in situations. Social health is how you relate to people at school, home, and everywhere else in the world. You can improve this by seeing and having good relationships with other people.

Reflecting Total HealthThe 6 Types of Health

Three other types of health are mental, enviornmental, and spiritual. Mental health is the ability to recognize reality and cope wtih the demands of life. Keep your mental health in check by learning to accept yourself and by always keeping your mind working. Enviornmental health is making sure that the enviornment you're in is healthy. Two examples are safe food sources and a safe place to sleep. Spiritual health is being compasinate and loving. Community service and attending religious events can improve it.

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These five pictures are examples of enviornmental health.Two important parts of staying healthy are having clean water and food that's still good, not rotten. Where you live also effects your health if you live near a bunch of trash, most likely your emotional and physical health will plumment. Living near a bunch of smog or smoke will not help your physical health either. A house/shelter is incredibly inportant. It will keep you out of the wind, snow, and sun.

I represented social health through four pictures about friends because friends make up a lot of social health. I also put in picture to represent social media.

These three pictures represent emotional health. The two pictures of smiley faces show different emotions. The chalk board picture shows how it is better to be relaxed than stressed. The weak and strong emotional core pictures give examples of how good or bad emotioal health looks.

Mental health is always keeping your mind working so I put math symbols, books, and a puzzle in to represent it. Going to school can improve your mental health. The gears in the head represent thinking.

I used a heart to represent loving which is a big part of spiritual health along with compassion and religion. A lot of people use community service to help their spiritual health. I put a Yin and Yang symbol in to show balance.

To keep your physical health alive you need to eat right, excersise, sleep, and go to your regular check ups.


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