The 6 Absolutes

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The 6 Absolutes

Be Tall

Athletic stance

Knee's aligned

Spread the chest

Toes aligned

Keep eyes on target

The target represents that as a lifter you should always keep your eyes on a target in front of you.

This picture represents the athletic stance of the 6 absolutes becuse it shows you how to correctly squat for weightlifting.

This picture is showing you that your knees should always be aligned over your toes. The arrow shows the average distance for your knees to be during your lifts.

This picture represents being tall because the yellow line running down the middle of the picture represents how the lifter should be standing to correctly lift.

This picture represtent having your toes aligned because it shows you that throughout the whole time that you are lifting, your toes should always be aligned.

This picture does not only represent how to keep you chest spread, but it is also funny because it relates to how our generations react when going to the gym.

The 6 Absolutes


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