The 5th Wave

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The 5th Wave

Author: Jacob Vita

Main Events-Sammy is taken by "soldiers." - Cassie meets Evan and they team up to save Sam.- Ben finds out all of the soldiers are actually silencers (aliens.)-Cassie, Ben Parish, and Evan save Sammy from Camp Haven.

SettingsThe book 'The 5th Wave' takes place on Earth around present day during an alien invasion. The main characters spend the majority of the book at Camp Ashpit, a refugee camp, and at Camp Haven, a military camp.

CharactersThe main characters are Cassie Sullivan, a short girl around 16 years old. Evan Walker, a silencer (alien.) Ben Parish, a boy Cassie went to school with and Cassie's crush. Sammy Sullivan, Cassie's younger brother. Ringer, a friend of Ben's from the military, she is around his age. And Commander Vosch and his soldiers (silencers/aliens), the commander of all of the aliens and their operations.


Title: The 5th Wave



What you think about the Book?

In 'The 5th Wave' Cassie, her dad. and her brother Sammy are separated from each other when soldoers come to Camp Ashpit to take the children to safety. After the children leave, Commander Vosch kills everyone but Cassie escapes. Cassie then decides that she has to save her brother, and along the way a silencer that has a love for Cassie decides he will tag along to help her.

Ben Parish happens to be in the same camp as Sammy so Cassie, Evan, and Ben Parish all team up to find and save Sammy from the silencer filled camp. After fighting off silencers and overcoming obstacles, Sammy, Cassie, and Ben Parish escape from the camp with the help of Evan sacrificing himself and setting off an atom bomb in the camp.

I thought the book was really well written. It had a good conflict and I really liked the ending. It was action packed, and filled with drama; what every teenager wants to read.


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