The 5th Wave

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The 5th Wave

The theme to this book might sound like every other book, but it is hope. The others had thought that they could kill of the humans because they were weak and had hope. However, hope is what was going to keep the human race going. It makes you think about how we all need hop to get through the tough times that we have.

This book has many main characters because of the consant change in point of veiw. The first main character in Cassie. Casie is a 16 year old orphan whos parents died in the attacks. She is on her mission to find her little brother Sammy who has been taken. She then teams up with a mysterious charcter named Evan who helps her to find Sammy. However, Sammy has made a friend nicknamed Zombie who is also helping him to escapse. All of these characters are important to the plot of the book.

The 5th Waveby: Rick Yancey

The world was forever changed when the others attacked. They attacked in 5 different waves. The first was darkness. In others words a world wide EMP forcing the world into darkness. The second Wave was a massive earth quake, shaking the world. The third wave was sickness, causing the world's population to fall into disease and death. In the fourth wave the others were among the humans. The fifth wave was unexpected and unidentified by the humans untill it was to late. Cassie is a surviver of the first four waves and is trying to stop the next wave from affecting her family. She gains help from a mysterious young man, Evan, she meets while trying to reach her little brother, Sammy. They work together to reach and free Sammy. However, Sammy and his frineds Zombie, Ringer, Oompa, Dumbo, Teacup, Poundcake, and Flint were also working to get out of the hands of the Others where they are being held.



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This story takes place in present day Ohio and the surrounding states

The point of veiw of the book is in the first person. However the people that are telling the story in first person changes thoughout the book with the different sections. It is important to the book becuase it gives details of the charactors feeelings that the reader would otherwise not know who it is in the 3rd peron point of view

Point of Veiw


Anne Fleming

This book is very interesting. It gets you thinking about how you wouuld handle yourself in a siuation of world invastion and untimatly desrustion. I would recomned this book becuase it makes you think about yourself, as any good book would. It relates to you and your life in a way, and changes that way you look at things for the better.


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