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The 5th Wave

The 5th WaveBy: Rick Yancey 

Cassie and her family were living an average life, until the Others attacked. They struck in waves. During the first wave darkness fell over the world. Everything was shut off- cars, buses, planes, phones, and electricity. The second wave brought worldwide destruction- a massive earthquake. Then the third wave came. It brought disease and death. Most of the world's population succombed to the disease, and it killed most of the humans. Only a few susrvived. By the time the fourth wave hit, the Others were among the humans. No way to identify who was an Other and who was human. The fifth wave shocked everyone. No one expected what was brought with the fifth wave. Cassie was one of the few humans who survived the waves. Her mom died in the third wave, her dad the fourth, and Sammy was taken. She was detyermined to get to her brother no matter what. On her jounrey, she met Even Walker. The two had a relationship, but along the way Cassie was beginning to question to mysterious Even. After Sammy was taken a few friends took Sammy under their wings, Zombie especially. Zombie was the leader of their unit. Including Sammy, or Nugget, and Zombie the squad was compiled of Ringer, Teacup, Pundcake, Oompa, Dumbo and Flint.

Plot Summary


The theme of this bookI think is all about love and trust. It shows the strong bond and love that Cassie and her little brother Sammy have for each other. Cassie also has a relationship with Even. However, this book is also about trust. Cassie has to trust Eve. She has to trust that he is on her side. MAny other characters have to trust that they're being told the truth and fighting the Others. This book is alaso about overcoming obstacles that may seem surreal.


The 5th Wave contains multiple main charactors. The main Charactor is Cassiopeia Marie Sullivan, or Cassie. She's a 16 year-old who is desperatly trying to save her little brother, Sammy. Sammy,or Nugget, is a five-year old boy who is a cheerful kid, but becomes afriad when seperated from his father and sister. Cassie eventually meets Even Walker. He claims to be just your average farm boy, but Cassie has her suspicions. Sammy met Ben Parish, or Zombie, and the two shared a brotherly bond.

I would recommend this book. It was very action packed and suspenseful. There was a new adenture around every corner. It also made you think about our world today. What if aliens were a possibility? What if they were among us? The 5th wave transports you into their world and really makes you think.


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It takes place in present day Ohio and the surrounding states.


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