The 5th Wave

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The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave SequelBy: Andrew Mussell

Cassie has finally got her brother back along with her brother's squad, including Zombie, Ringer, and others. They seek shelter at Evan Walker's farm, as they try to figure out their next plan. When Cassie finds a letter addressed to her from Evan, she learns he was rescued by a group like him, a group also trying to rescue and cure humans. Both have the same goal, which is to take down The Others. The Others chief goal remains: end humanity. Can both groups trust each other long enough to take down The Others?



There is always hope for those who believe in it, and believe in God. There is also a point where you should keep friends close but keep your enemies closer.


Cassie- the main protagonist. She has a brother name Sammy. Sammy- Cassie's sister. He was in a squad, and he was called Nugget. Ben Parish- Cassie used to have a crush on him. He is one of the squad and has been called Zombie. Also, he has been like a brother to Sammy. Ringer- a girl who is quiet and scary, and she is 3/4 Asian. She is the best shooter.Evan Walker- He took care of Cassie and he turned out to be one of the Others. He was believed to be dead after the explosion of Camp Haven. Dumbo- good with medicine and anatomy; 12 years old. Poundcake- 8 years old and good with guns. Teacup- 7 years old and youngest in the squad.

It will mainly focus on Camp Heaven and Camp Hell.




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