The 50 Niffty States

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The 50 Niffty States

The 50 Niffty States

How many can you memorize?Take three minutes and list as many states, state capitols, and territories as you can. Ready.. Set..Go!

PART 2States have capital cities. Raise your hand when you know the capital of Minnesota.

BELL RINGER!!!!! PART 1The United States has 50 states! Can you locate the ones bordering our state? (Hint: Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota)

Now for Canada!Canada has 9 territoriesThese territories include: British Columbia,Manitoba,New Brunswick,Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario,Québec,Saskatchewan, and Yukon

Major cities and capitals include: Austin, Los Angeles, New York City, St.Paul, Houson, San Fransisco, and Chicago

Time to play a game!I will number you off into two groupsWhen i say go get into the two groups!Wait for the signal.....

We will learn states by their regions. The regions include: northwest, southwest, central, midwest, south east, mid-atlantic, northest

What makes a city a major city? Think population to help! Many major cities start with a lot of people or great resource to America


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