the 5 I's of Creative Fluency and The 5 A's of Information Fluency

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the 5 I's of Creative Fluency and The 5 A's of Information Fluency

The 5 I's of Creative Fluency&The 5 A's of Information Fluency

What is Creative Fluency?Creative Fluency is the the Dream phase of Solution Fluency. The 5 I's of Creative Fluency are Identify, Inspire, Interpolate, Imagine, and Inspect. Using these steps, we can help our students to break through any blocks in creativity and help them to develop new independent and creative ideas.

What is Information Fluency?Information Fluency is the ability of students to take information and dissagragate it for accuracy and to apply it. In order to find out what is real and relevant we can use the following steps to determine bias, slant, incomplete information, and seperate opinion from fact. These steps are Ask, Access, Analyze, Apply, and Assess.

Crockett, L., Jukes, I., & Churches, A. (2011). Literacy is not enough: 21st–century fluencies for the digital age. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.Chapter 5, “Information Fluency” (pp. 33–42)Chapter 6, “Creativity Fluency” (pp. 43–56)


How do I use Creative Fluency in my classroom?Since my classroom is often project based the students have to cut through infowhelm (see video below) and find information that they can apply to their projects. The students often have a voice or options when it comes to the creation of their projects. This year they used Glogster as a method of peer introduction. They were given a rubric to follow but what they shared was completely up to them. Although I did not know it at the time, we used the 5 I's of Creative Fluency and the 5 A's of Information Fluency to create that project.

Future Applications?As I begin looking forward to next year, my kplanning meothodology will change based on the Solution Fluency model. Instead of having to happenstancely stumble upon strategies, I will use these fluencies to deliberately plan my projects. The Creative Fluency (as part of the Dream Phase of the Solutions Fluency) will allow me to give students the latitude they need to create their own projects that then fuel their passions.



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