The 4 Reasons For World War One

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World War I

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The 4 Reasons For World War One

The 4 Reasons of World War OneBy:Warren LaVoice III

To the right:The climax that led to World War 1.In the background:Soldiers walking to war.





Militarism was a problem because if one nation saw another building their army they would get scared and start building their army and at some point they would have to send their soldiers at each other, such as Germany building their navy populations to go against Britian.

Alliances were a problem because if three country's were in a alliance and one country didn't like on of the three country's in the alliance, they would start a war with each other and the third country would have to pick one of the nations to team up with.

Imperailism is when one nation builds power from taking over other nations, this was shown because many people before World War 1 wanted to take over Europe because of the large amount of raw material in their area which can be sold and used to make materials.

Some country's get too proud of their nation which leads to thoughts of taking more land, when really they are bitting off more than they can chew because they are just starting a war and putting a large amount of their people's lives in danger, such as Germany trying to force Britian into a alliance because they thought they could.

In July 28, 1914 was started when Franz Ferdinand was assassinated who was known as the archduke of Austria Hungary, Franz was assassinated by a Surbian military group that went by the name Black Hand

June 28th,1914Archduke, Franz Ferdinand assassinated by group called "The Black Hand"

July 6th, 1914Germany gives Austria-Hungry a "Blank Check" when at war with Serbia, offering Austrian Hungary help no matter what

July 28th, 1914Russia gets ready for war with Austria-Hungary and Germany and advance towards them for war.

July 25th, 1914Austria H sent Serbia an ultimatum at 6 p.m sharp, if Serbia did not reply within 48 hours, Austria-Hungary would declare war

August 1st, 1914Germany and France advance towards each other for battle.

August 3rd, 1914Britian sends an ultimatum to Germany to warn them to back to back down.

August 4th, 1914Germany refuses to respond back to Britain about the ultimatum, the ultimatum expires and then Britian declares war on Britain

The "Black Hand" is a group that killed The Archduke.

Soldiers spent most their life in trenches to avoid being shot, explosives, etc.

"War is nothing but organized murder"Harry Patch

Times during World War1


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