The 4 Gospels

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The 4 Gospels

The 3 Synoptic Gospels

How were the Gospels developed?"Come to believe that Jesus Christ, is the Son of God"Stage 1: Ministry of JesusJesus' actions & words throughout his ministryStage 2: Post-Resurrectional Preaching of the ApostlesJesus was resurrected & therefore He is the divine "Lord" & the "Son of God"Stage 3: Writing of the Gospels by the EvangelistsInspired reflections on the meaning of Jesus including insights from the authors

1) They are written records of Christ's words & deeds2) Gospel means "good news" or "good tale"3) A Synoptic Gospel refers to writings that have a similiar point of view or are linked togeter.4) "Syn" means together & "optic" means seen

What is a Gospel & What is a Synoptic Gospel?

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MatthewA.D. 40 - A.D. 140

MarkA.D. 55 - A.D. 70

LukeBefore A.D. 62

JohnA.D. 80 - A.D. 90 ?

The 4 Gospels

"Manhood of Christ"symbolizes humanity, reasonGospel begins with Christ's geneology from Abraham

"Christ as King" symbolizes royalty, courage, resurrectionGospel begins with John the Baptist roaring like a lion in the wilderness

"Christ as priest & sacrifice"symbolizes sacrifice, strengthGospel begins with the temple duties of Zacharias

"Christ's divine nature" symbolizes sky, heavens, spiritGospel begins with Christ as Logos

Written for the Hebrews

Written for the Romans

Written for the Gentiles

Written for the Christians



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