The 3 Little Pigs

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The 3 Little Pigs

Point of View

The 3 Little Pigs...What really happened?

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Alexander T. Wolf

The 3 Little Pigs

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It was all a misunderstanding, he was only trying to borrow a cup of sugar. He only ate the pigs because he didn't want to be wasteful.

According to A. Wolf...

5.RL.6Describe how a narrator's or speaker's point of view influences how events are described.

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The wolf was big and bad. He was trying to trick them into letting him in their homes so that he could eat them. When they didn't let him in he tried to huff and puff his way in.

According to The 3 Little Pigs...

Point of View is the perspective from which the narrator or story teller tells a story.

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  • anna8405f3ba43d45999 1 year ago

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    One of the wonderful nursery rhymes ever.

  • anna8405f3ba43d45999 1 year ago

    anna8405f3ba43d45999's avatar

    Once you check for the story of 'The Three Little Pigs', you can find many versions of the same available at various sources. Though every story is having 3 pigs and 1 Wolf, the story line changes from one to the other.

    I'm a full time maids trainer working in Dubai in a housekeeping company (you can check it here - ) where I have to deal with various kids related activities, obviously that includes the kids tales and rhymes. So, I try to find interesting children stories to share with the maids and nannies which they then make use in their respective story telling hours.

    Now we can be back to the Little Pigs story. I have found several versions; the one we all know is that the wolf eats two pigs by breaking their homes built of straw and sticks while he fails to break the brick built third house and eventually he dies falling into the hot water.

    But some stories tell that the wolf didn't get to eat any of them as both pigs find shelter in the third pig's h

  • dcjunkhauling60ab1d6f48906 4 months ago

    dcjunkhauling60ab1d6f48906's avatar

    Who would of thought, the wolf doesn't sound too bad after all when you read this bit!

    Henry -