The 2nd Battle of Marne

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Social Studies
World War I

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The 2nd Battle of Marne

The 2nd Battle of Marne

1918 July 15First Day of Battle

1918 July 18Germany is on the move and Allied forces attack

1918 July 20German forces retreat because they are overpowered

Social Causes and EffectsSince the Germans had lost the battle it cuased great social effects.The Germans recorded a high loss of 168,000 soilders. The Germans also lost a lot of allies. Since the French, British and United States were allies they were able to be powerful. Still, the French lost 95,000 men and the United States recorded 12,000 casualties. Trench warefare was the major battlefield of the Western Front. It was very brutal and made the U.S a hero. Another social effect was renewed hope and energy towards in the allies. .

SignifcanceAfter four years of trench warfare, Germany is pushed back from their offensive position by French, British and U.S. Forces. This marks the end of Germany's offensive stance and the beginning of the end of the war in the Western Front.

Economic causes and effectsSince Germnay had lost the 2nd Battle of Marne this allowed the allied powers to push Germnay out of France. In doing so it ended the stalemate and advanced the allied agenda.

Politcal Causes and EffectsSome political causes was that Germany was invading France and France was not going to let Germany in. Some effects were that is resulted in trench warfare. The United States had positioned themselves to be remembered as a great supporter of the allies and in a major position of power.

Erich LudendorffHe was the German general decided the idea that the best way to get to France was through Belgium. Wanted to set up a fake attack on south of the border so that they could more into France from the North. This had backfired because France had set up false warfare trenches and attcked Germany further into the battlefield where all the allied troops had been waiting. This led Germnay to retreat back out of France.

General John J Pershing"Although the rush of the German troops overwhelmed some of the front-line positions, causing the infantry and machine-gun companies to suffer, in some cases a 50 per cent loss, no German soldier crossed the road from Fossoy to Crezancy, except as a prisoner of war, and by noon of the following day (July 16th) there were no Germans in the foreground of the 3rd Division sector except the dead."

DetailsOn July 15 1918, near the Marne River in the Champagne region of France, the Germans began what would be their final offensive push of World War I. The conflict ended several days later in a major victory for the Allies.When the Germans began their advance after an initial artillery bombardment, they found that the French had set up a line of false trenches, manned by only a few defenders. The real front line of trenches lay further on, and had scarcely been touched by the bombardment. This deceptive strategy had been put in place by the French commander-in-chief, Philippe Petain.

Question: What do you think the result would have been if Germany had won the 2nd Battle of Marne?


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