The 2013 flooding of Colorado

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The 2013 flooding of Colorado

The flooding was caused by excessive raining that lasted for weeks. The rain caused the rivers to overflow and flood the nearby areas.

The people had very little warrning for what was going to happen to them on that terrifing September day. Sudenly the streets, and homes were over taken with raging waters.

The 2013 flooding of Colorado

Ten people were killed in the 2013 flooding of Colorado. Most people died because of being locked their houses or getting sucked into the deadly rapids.

During the 2013 flooding of Colorado, houses were up to their roofs in water. Rescuers had to use canoes to get the people to safety. The rivers were raging and most roads were ripped out. Boulder, Colorado got 14.62 inches of rain

VOCAB WORDSIn 2013 Colorado was overtaken by a low pressure rain storm that caused severe flooding in the area. The thunder storm lasted for weeks. The flash floods caught everyone off guard. This was caused by a cold front pushing the warm air up to form the rain clouds.

This picture shows the amount of rain fall over the Colorado area in 2013. The dark blue represents the thunder storms. They are right over Colorado.

This is a news forecast to show how the water level changes over time.

This video shows where the wells over flowed and how long it took to get everyone to safety.

Where there used to be a street, there is now a river.



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