The 2000´s

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Social Studies
Politicians and Presidents

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The 2000´s

The 2000's

National Identity

Culture & Society

Politics and Power

Migration & Settlement

Work, Exchange, & Technology

- Y2K- The explosion of the Columbia- The spread of the Internet and social media- Shift to a more liberal society- New forms of entertainment- The rise of Apple

- 33% increase in federal spending- Debt rose to $8 trillion- Recession of 2008- Internet allowed people to connect both nationally and internationally- Unemployment rose to a staggering 10%- Average middle class income fell- Technological innovations led to NASA exploration

- The first Black President, Barack Obama- 9/11 brought forth an increase in patriotism- Rising tensions in the Middle East instigated U.S, involvment- Increase in voter turnout

- The controversial 2000 Election- Bush's expansion of federal power- U.S. Patriot Act ~ Creation of Homeland Security ~ Tax Relief Act ~ Troops in the Middle East- War on Terror- Barack Obama 's election

- The 2000s saw a surge of immigrants from East Asia and Latin America- Immigrants moved because of jobs, public services, education, political freedom, and family.- Refugees came from African countries to escape civil turmoil.- However, after 9/11, the flow of all refugees into the U.S. was temporarily halted.

Geography & Enviroment

- Hurrican Katrina (2005) killed approx. 2,000 people- Hurrican Katrina cost the U.S. $100 billion in damages- The California Drought lasted for about 2 years

- The 9/11 attacks led to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars- A hunt began for terrorist organization leaders- Both Osama Bin Laden and Sadam Hussein were brought to justice- The Haiti earthquake-The BP Oil spill- Trading With the Enemy Act (Clinton)

America in the World


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