The 1960s

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Social Studies

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The 1960s










☺ Sit-in in Greensboro☺ Domino's Pizza is founded☺ Acrylic paint is invented☺ "Second wave of feminism" begins☺ Starburst are invented☺ The Beatles are formed☺ JFK elected president

☺ Hardee's is founded☺ Sprite came out☺ Bay of Pigs invasion☺ "Man on the Moon" speech☺ Peace Corps founded☺ Racial Riot at U.G.A

☺Audio cassette tape invented☺ Taco Bell founded☺ Cuban Missile Crisis☺ First Wal-Mart opens☺ "Silent Springs" is published☺ Navy SEALS established☺ First automated subway train in New York City

☺ Equal Pay Act passed☺ March on Washington☺ JFK is assassinated☺ First Doctor Who episode☺ First woman in space☺ MLK gives his "I Have a Dream" speech☺ Medgar Evers is murdered☺ Smiley faces designed

☺ “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever.” - George Wallace☺ Lava lamps invented

☺ Los Angeles Riots☺ Malcolm X assassinated☺ Miniskirts appear☺ New York City great blackout☺ President Johnson announces plan to create Medicare☺ St. Louis Arch completed


☺ Lyndon B. Johnson is president☺ Pop-Tarts and Lucky Charms are invented☺ Civil Rights Act passed☺ MLK receives Nobel Peace Prize☺ GI Joe debuts☺ Beatles come to America☺ Handheld calculator comes out

The 1960s

☺ Doritos invented☺ Mass draft protests☺ National Organization for Women founded☺ Star Trek airs☺ Medicare begins☺ Cigarettes have caution notice on them☺ Freedom of Information Act

☺ First heart transplant☺ First Super Bowl☺ Three astronauts killed in Apollo 1 fire☺ Thurgood Marshall is first African-American Supreme Court Justice☺ Lunar Orbiter is launched☺ First Pringles sold

☺ MLK assassinated☺ RAM invented☺ Robert F. Kennedy assassinated☺ Red Lobster founded☺ Gwendolyn Brooks is poet laureate of Illinois☺ Apollo 5 launched☺ Orangeburg massacre

☺ Wendy's and Long John Silvers were founded☺ ATM invented☺ Charlotte has integrated schools☺ Shirley Chisholm is first African American Woman in Congress☺ NASA lands on the moon


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