[2015] Haley Smalley: The 1950s

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[2015] Haley Smalley: The 1950s

The Berlin Wall and Hitler are the most famous things talked about when Germanys is mentioned becuase of how cruel and unfair the situation was

The Berlin Wall and Hitler

Germanys religoen is varied like the USA they are mostly christain but there are catholics and many others


Hitler was a german leader that locked up, killed and, tortued jews and gypsies.He sent them to camps and made them work if he thought they fit enough if you werent in his eyes you were killed.


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The Berlin Wall Has Fallen

The Berlin Wall was made to seperate the east and west of Germany so the east was stucka nd no aloud to cross the wall if you were cuaght trying to cross the wall then you were instintly shot or taken somewhere and never heard from again. The waest was free to travel any where.

you may think that since the soldiers were so cruel on the east side that a bunch would try to cross the wall but they only recorded 136 trying to coss and crossed the wall.



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