The 1930s

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The 1930s

Jim Crow Laws

During this period Fraklin Roosevelt was the president. During this time the economy was failing because of the Great Depression, at a time where millions of Americans lost their jobs.

During the 1930s there was a shortage of money so they had to find ways to keep school running and also people couldn't afford supplies, and textbooks. The blacks were educated under harsh conditions like worse buildings, few books, and less well paid teachers. Most people out of work in the U.S. during the Great Depression were unskilled, or with no college degree. The most common jobs were putiing people to shovel dirt, pave concrete, cutting trees, etc.



Work & Education

Some popular dances during the 1930s were: The Balboa, The Carolina Shag, and the Big Apple. Popular music also included Jazz, the Swing Era, and Big Bands

Music & Dances

Two of the famous athletes during this time were Babe Ruth and Lou Gehirg, because both athletes were having a home run battle the same year. Some ways people entertained themselves during this time was by reading comic books and hearing the radio. Shirley Temple was the most known actress during the 1930s.

Common crimes included kidnapping, murder, lynching, and prohibition. One reason for high murder rate was the Great Depression, which made some people desperate enough to do anything for money. Lynching was a way of killing people by extrajudicial mob action, mostly done to African Americans. In the 1930s many falsely accused black people were lynched before their trial began.


Crime & Punishment in 1930s in America


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