The 1920's Scopes Monkey Trial

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The 1920's Scopes Monkey Trial

People InvoledJohn Thomas Scopes: The 24 year-old, high school science teacher that was the one who got arrested for the crime of teaching his students Charles Darwin's Thoery of Evolution.Jennings Bryan: An unsuccessful canidate for president of the United Sates of America, three times. He aided the prosecution and was a fundamentilist which believes the word of the bible should be taken literally. He was also concidered an expert on the Bible.Clarence Darrow: A famous criminal lawyer. He defended Scopes and supported the right to teach evolution.

The 1920'sScopes Monkey TrialBy: James Mullen

Newspaper headline of the verdict of the Scopes Monkey Trail

Scopes Trial Video

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Newspaper headline of the Scopes Monkey Trial.

Jennings Bryan (left)John Thomas Scopes (middle)Clarence Darrow (right)

Scopes Trial QuestionsWhat is the Scopes Monkey Trial?The Scopes Monkey trial was about a high school, science teacherthat tought Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution.Why did this trail happen? This trial happened because of a Tennesse stae law, The Butler Act, was violated. What is The Butler Act?The Butler Act is a Tennesse state law that made it illegal to teach anything that conflicted with creationism as taught in the BibleWhat is Evolution?Evolution is the theory that suggests that human developed from simpler life forms ove a long period of time.Did this trial matter?Legally, it was unimportant. Scopes was Fined $100 dollors, but was later reversed because of a small legal error. It only really gained popularity because of the popular people involved, which were Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow.

ReflectionThe thing I'm most proud about is everything. I would change nothing and the most intresting thing I learned about this topic was that there was a law that didn't allow the teaching of anything that when against creationism as taught in the Bible.


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