The 1849 Gold Rush

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The 1849 Gold Rush

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In 1848 gold was discovered by James Marshall.People came from many places like China, Ireland, and other states in the U.S.To travel to California, people used three different routes:1. Cape horn (bottom of South America)2. Isthmus of Panama3. Traveled West across the United States

Many men had to leave their families.California became overcrowded.California became a state.Many people did not get rich off of the gold that was found.

what happened because of the Gold Rush?

The 1849 Gold Rush


Levis Strauss was born in 1829 in Germany.He immigrated to America.First, he moved to New York City but then to California because of the Gold Rush. The miners needed strong pants and Levi started making denim pants.His company is still around today and making jeans.

Levi Strauss had a good idea!

It was hard for people to get to California. They encountered overcrowded ships and diseases. They had to travel through dangerous mountains and rivers and because of this there were accidents.

Levi's company is still around and making jeans today.-------------------The prospectors of 1849 were called the "49ers". Now there is a football team named after them.




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