The 18 Standards

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The 18 Standards

The 18 Standards

Standard 1: Maps and other Geographic RepresentationSource: pdfviewer?sid=8bd0581d-1477-48ef-8c9b-7cdd31be35b3%40sessionmgr13&vid=4&hid=114 Citation: Cadava, G. L. (2011). Borderlands of Modernity and Abandonment: The Lines within Ambos Nogales and the Tohono O’odham Nation. Journal Of American History, 98(2), 362-383.

Standard 16:Resource Geography--Changes that occur in the meaning, use, distribution and importance of resources

Standard 15:HOW PHYSICAL SYSTEMS AFFECT HUMAN SYSTEMSSource: Some of the basic dangers here in Arizona is flooding during monsoon rain storm, there will be a high wind rate and lighting strokes that can cause lines to cross that lead to fires. Sometimes the wind that is happening during this storm reduces visibility if this is happening while driving it will reduce vision near zero in seconds. Because of the flooding it can damage household either crack the roof or create mold at the roots of houses. Here is an image that will show exactly what happens when there is a monsoon rain storm.

Standard 9: HUMAN POPULATION ON EARTH'S SURFACESome of the patters that I see in the map I created were that in the United States there were parts were there was at least 1 person per square mile. In the other hand in the Close to the Mexico Borderlands it ranged from 25-149 people per square mile and possibly went up to 500 people per square mile. This is one of the reasons why the United States gets a lot of immigrants; Mexico by itself has a lot of people making life living difficult. It kind of surprised me that in the United States the states that were on the borderline they didn’t really have people per square mile as i would have predicted, it would be understandable for those states to have majority of density since they are the first states that the Mexico Borderline is associated with.


Standard 3: Analyzing Spatial OrganizersSource: (n.d.). Retrieved from

Standard 14:HUMAN MODIFICATION OF THE ENVIRONMENTThe first thing I noticed was the population, there was a small area with people and majority of the land was vegetation in comparison to 2011 the population grew tremendously and it was not only vegetation but industrial that showed a great section in the map.

Standard 12:PROCESSES, PATTERNS AND FUNCTIONS OF HUMAN SETTLEMENT.resource: The way this relates to human functions is how the city focuses on the rich culture that they have since they are close to Mexico. They also added on their city website that most of the people who go live their have an oportunity to have their own home since it is affortable.

Standard 10:CULTURE: CHARACTERISTICS, DISTRIBUTION AND COMPLEXITY OF EARTH'S CULTURAL MOSAICSSource: This image shows the different types of food that Mexico has its rich cultural is shown in this image.

Standard 2: Mental maps Source:I honestly didnt use any other source other than my memory. I was going to go on Google map but then i knew exactly the routes of my street the only thing that i couldnt remember was the details of each house. So i felt that it was unnecessary to use Google map to find the exact detail of each house.

Standard 11:PATTERNS AND NETWORKS OF ECONOMIC INTERDEPENDENCE ON EARTH'S SURFACESource:In this map that shows the imports of Mexico to the United States and exports from United States to Mexico. It is very clear that Mexico trades a lot of their goods to the U.S their are a lot of truck routs that they use to send their goods to different states while the goods that they recieve from the United States are not equal to the amount they give.

Standard 13:HOW THE FORCES OF COOPERATION AND CONFLICT AMONG PEOPLE INFLUENCE THE DIVISION AND CONTROL OF EARTH'S SURFACESource:In this article it states the history of the United States sharing water with Mexico. They are sharing their common hydraulic infrastructure and resources of both Coloroda River and Rio Grande. It discusses the agreements that they had to do in order for both countries to have water supply and treaties that helped them both.

U.S Mexico Borderlands

San Luis , Arizona


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