That's the Way They Always Do It - Episode 10

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That's the Way They Always Do It - Episode 10

Huck evolves slightly in Episode 10, the last episode of the book. Tom Sawyer has returned and agreed to help Huck get Jim back. Tom still has crazy ideas according to all the books he reads and still thinks he is the boss of Huck and can get away with anything without worrying about the consequences. Huck has learned to stand up to some of Tom's more radical ideas, but still follows most of his plans, despite the trouble it puts Jim and the Phelps family through.

The author's purpose in making Tom have all these ridiculous ideas about how to get Jim out is to make you dislike Tom. Mark Twain wants the reader to dislike Tom because that is who the audience grew up reading, their childhood hero, and now he is coming up with all these stupid ideas and Huck is being rational. This is ironic that Huck would be rational to the reader because Huck has been harboring a fugitive slave and is now trying to let him escape, a sin in their society. Tom is also put in a bad light because he used Huck and Jim for his adventure when Jim was free all along, when Miss Watson died, she wrote in her will to free Jim. It is a happy ending though, Jim is free, and Huck and Tom plan to go on many more adventures into Indian Territory.

Setting: The Phelps House (Tom Sawyer's uncle's house). Huck and Tom are staying there, Huck pretending to be Tom, Tom pretending to be Sid Sawyer.

Episode 10 (Ch. 34-43)"That's the Way They Always Do It"

1) Is glory more important than people's lives?2) Why do people follow their friends despite how it affects others?

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