That Was Then, This Is Now - Character Sketch

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That Was Then, This Is Now - Character Sketch


Bryon hang outs with his friend Mark, who is a tough boy. Mark steals and hot-wire cars. But Bryon knows that it is wrong and he should not do that.

Mark says, "Y'know, when I first came around tonight, after that kid cracked me, I was scared stiff. I thought I was dyin', I was so scared. I really felt weird. But after I got to thinkin' you were there with me, I calmed down. Bryon, you're the only family I got you know what I mean, your mom's been great to me and everything, but I don't feel like she's really my old lady. But I feel like you're my brother. A real one"


That Was Then, This Is Now

When Bryon met Mike who had no visitors in the hospital, he listened to all of his stories. Bryon is friendly to Charlie, M&M, Cathy, Mark and so on.

Bryon was nice to Cathy, not just because she was pretty. He went to M&M's house to meet her.




Not-good-decision maker

After Mark and Bryon saved M&M from guys that jumped on him, they decided to jump on a guy that was standing beside the street. They stop their decision when M&M exclaims, "You make me sick! You just rescued me from some guys who were going to beat me up because I'm different from them, and now you're going to beat up someone because he's different from you. You think I'm weird-well, you're the weird ones."

Mark says, "You're jealous, Bryon, because Angela dumped you to make a play for Curtis, and he was smart enough to leave her alone."As Cathy saw Mark she says "I'd forgotten how beautifull he is."Bryon had thought, 'I suddenly felt like I swallowed a spoonful of red pepper. I felt cold and hot and sick and mad all at once.'

Faithfull (friendship)


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