That Was Then, This Is Now - Character Sketch

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That Was Then, This Is Now - Character Sketch

That Was Then This Is Now

Bryon is inspired by cathy that's why he begins to care about other people more than himself, Which is especially evident when he goes out of his way to rescue M&M

Bryon is still playing pool games even if its against the law because he's under age.

Hard Headed





Bryon attitude becomes immature, especially when contrasted with the 13 year-old M&M who happens to be more sensitive and inteligent.

Bryon can win a lot of pool games by tricking people that he doesn't know how to play because he look like a baby-faced kid.

Bryon begins to take more responsibilty for his actions, especially after his role model Charlie dies.


The sixteen years old has a casual attitude about Hustling, Gang fights, and being a lady killer at the beginning of the story.



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