[2015] ryan booher (Potok ELA 2): That October

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[2015] ryan booher (Potok ELA 2): That October

That October

Character Types: The protagonist would be Rudy because he is the main character. Rudy is also a round because we know a lot about him, like we know he has polio and he wants to be on the baseball team. The antagonist would be the russian soldier because he was interrogating Rudy about why the ball went through the window. A flat character in this story would be Rudy's father because we do not know much about him. A static character would be Rudy's father because he did not change his motive during the story. A dynamic character is the russian soldier because he was mad at Rudy but at the end, the soldier forgave him. The point of view from which the story is told is a first person point of view because Rudy is telling the story and referring to himself as I and myself.

Author:D. H. FigueredoBy:Ryan Booher

Character types and point of view

Theme and Plot

The theme of the story would be that disabilities can't limit your ability to believe in yourself. I think that it has that theme because Rudy has polio but he still wanted to play on the team and he did. The exposition is when the russian soldier walked on the field and Rudy told him the people that were with him at the field. The conflict would be that the baseball team will not let him play with them. The rising action is when Alfredo twisted his ankle in the middle of the game. The climax would be when Rudy was up to bat and already had two strikes. The falling action is when Rudy hit the ball through the window after the game. The resolution is when the russian soldier forgave Rudy and tossed him the ball.



A direct character trait would be that Rudy was a "weak" player when he was talking to Alfredo. "Alfredo, told me that he couldn't afford a weak player." Page 273. An indirect character trait would be that Rudy is determined to get on the baseball team. "I practice every day in my backyard." Page 273.

The setting of the story is that they are in Cuba, it is October, and the team is at a baseball field. It is also in 1962, Rudy's family moved to Miami after that.


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