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Social Studies
American History

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The first Thanksgiving was in 1621. It was sellibrated by the pilgrams and the Native Americans.

The pilgrams came here on the Mayflower from England to the New Land or America

The Native Americans shared with the pilgrams and the pilgrams shared with the Native Americans

This is a hat that a Native American might have worn.

ThanksgivingBy: Jack Stappenbeck

The Pilgrams came here because the kingof England made them worship his religion

There has been many football games on Thanksgiving and it is a common spot that is played on Thanksgiving

People stil have feats on Thanksgiving today!!

People still come to our are country today! But now we call them immigrates.

Now we have turkey, stuffing, cranbarry sause, mashpataos, and pumkin pie on Thanksgiving but the Pilgrams hade ells, clams. So you see there has been a lot of changes since then.

A girl named Sara wrote a litter to Abarham Lincoln to make Thanksgiving a hoiday for the entire country and he said yes

Charlie Brown is a common Thanksgiving carton

The King of England made the Pilgrams study and worship his Religion so they came here.


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