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Map of the 13 Colonies

Many foods you eat on Thanksgiving

He taught them how to make shelter, use fish for fertilizer, and pointed out many plants to harvest. The pilgrims used these strategies and did way better than they were before. To celebrate, the pilgrims and the indians threw a celebratory feast to thank everyone for the good fortune. They called it 'Thanksgiving'

Thanksgiving started in 1620, when the pilgrims came from England to follow their own religions. When the pilgrims landed in America, they were in Wampanoag territorry. The pilgrims had a rough time and many of them died in the first winter. The seeds they brought would not grow on American soil and many didn't know how to fish. An english speaking indian named Squanto taught them how to survive.


The 13 Colonies Flag

One day, the tribe leader Massasoy visited the pilgrims with 90 other men. The pilgrims invited them to have a feast, but weren't prepaired for 90 men, so Massasoy ordered them to go hunt for more food. They had food like duck, turkey, deer, lobster, chicken, fish, beans, squash, corn soup, corn bread, and berries. That Thanksgiving lasted 3 whole days. This took place in Jamestown, Virginia.


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