ThanksGiving Day

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Social Studies
American History

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ThanksGiving Day

ThanksGiving Day

The ThanksgivingStoryThe Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock onDecember 11, 1620. Their first winter wasvery hard. But the next fall they had a goodharvest from the seed they had planted. Theydecided to celebrate with a feast, includingthe Indians who had helped them survivetheir first year.The men went hunting to get meat for thefeast. It is not certain that wild turkey was apart of their feast since they used the term“turkey” for any kind of wild birds.Another food that we almost always have atThanksgiving is pumpkin pie. It is unlikelythat the first Thanksgiving included thattreat. The supply of flour had been used, sothere was no bread or pastries of any kind.Pumpkin was plentiful because it grew herewild and they ate it boiled.There was also no milk, cider, potatoes orbutter. There were no cows to produce milkand the newly-discovered potato was stillthought by many to be poisonous. The feastdid include fish, berries, watercress, lobster,dried fruit, corn, clams, venison and plums.Thanksgiving was not held every year. Infact, it was not until June 1676 that anotherday of Thanksgiving was held.Thanksgiving was officially proclaimed byPresident Lincoln in 1863 to be celebratedthe last Thursday in November. In 1941,Thanksgiving was declared a legal holidayby the United States Congress to becelebrated on the fourth Thursday ofNovember.As you celebrate Thanksgiving this year,talk about the foods you prepare for theholiday and how they are the same ordifferent from the foods eaten at the firstThanksgiving.

The Families gathered in one place to celebrate a great event.