Thanksgiving Day by Veljko Burmaz and Pavle Gajic :D

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American History

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Thanksgiving Day by Veljko Burmaz and Pavle Gajic :D

It is celebrated on the 4th thursday in November.It is celebrated because of the pigrims in 1621 who raised enough crops for the winter.

Following Thanksgiving day is black friday,it is a pseudo-holiday,it is a day when all major stores give amazing sales.

Thanksgiving day is celebrated in the USA.It is normally celebrated by having the whole family eat turkeys and other foods.For dessert people serve pumpkin pie.

Unfortunatly people look forward to it more thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving Dayparades are held in a lot of towns and cities.People don't work then and they usualy have 4 days off work.

Thanksgiving Day by Pavle Gajic and Veljko Burmaz



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